Monday, May 20, 2013

Discussion: Confessions of a Book Blogger

What you are about to read are actual confessions. Some of my deepest secrets that I’ve decided to open up and share with you today. With these confessions, I’ve also included some helpful (hopefully) tips that might work for anyone who also is harboring the same secrets.

Confession #1: I cry. A LOT. Why? Because I can get my feelings hurt easily with some things. I’m an emotional person. I get emotional with books. I get emotional with blogging. This place is like my second home and I’ve made some wonderful online friends since I’ve started. But sometimes, my blog goes through these “dry spells” in which I get no comments for long periods of time and my page views dwindle up and down--no matter how hard I’ve been working. It can really put the pressure and stress on and make me an emotional wreck even though I try not to let it worry me.

Blogger Tip: Sometimes it can’t be helped. And I KNOW there’s bound to be dry spells--especially during a busy season like conventions, school starting, a holiday etc. The best thing to do is to take a step back, a deep breath, and just relax. It works out. Come up with some fresh ideas to get some interaction going with your followers... a new feature, some new memes, etc. I’ve even taken a short hiatus before to make myself feel better in order to get back in the groove.

Confession #2: That green-eyed monster dwells in me. Okay. I really confess. I do get jealous sometimes. I probably wouldn’t be human if I didn’t. I’ve been blogging over two years and do you know how many physical ARCs I’ve received from a publisher (that I’ve personally requested, and not won in some contest)? Two. I know it’s not about the ARCs. I never think that at all. I buy so many books that I have to be put on temp bans because of debt (oops). But sometimes it does make me a bit sad to be turned down for a book I’m really excited about… Also, I’ve never been to a convention. Likely won’t be able to ever go--at least not for another several years--because they’re just too darn expensive. I get ridiculously excited for my friends who go, but there’s a small ounce of jealousy (maybe a majority of disappointment actually) only because I want to meet them too. Like I said. Human. We all get it.

Blogger Tip: New to blogging? Remember, most bloggers aren’t in this for the ARCs. If that’s the only reason you signed up to blog, you should probably rethink this.
When requesting ARCs, be professional and patient. And everyone has their own system. I guess I work better with the digital e-galleys at the moment. Feel the green-eyed monster coming on because someone got a galley that you wanted? It happens. Get over it. No need to bitch about it. And I have seen people actually get so worked up before that they get bitchy. No need for that. That’s when you’re crossing the line. You could just wait for the book’s release and BUY IT.

Confession #3: I hate commenting. I know. This is one of the biggest things about blogging, too. But I’m such a lurker. You wouldn’t believe how often I visit and read so many blogs a day/week, but I really do. I just don’t like commenting. I’m working to comment more often--and I have been commenting more lately on blogs. I just have never liked commenting because it seems every time I get around to comment, every one before me has already said what I was going to say. Then I feel silly for saying the same thing. And usually, when I leave a comment it’s going to be fairly long and meaningful. Not just a “great post” and that’s it.

Blogger tip: Comments are important. We all know this. To be a blogger of any sort there has to be interaction in the community. If you want to gain new followers, you have to get out there and comment your little heart out and be consistent with it. I suggest even setting aside one or two days a week when you’re not posting anything and just using that for your blog surfing/commenting.


What do you think? Do you have any additional tips to offer with the above confessions? Do you have any blogging confessions of your own? Discuss below!

Is this a discussion post you would like to see more of as well? I could create a form in which other bloggers can fill out and enter their own confessions to be shared in future posts. Let me know!




  1. I agree with you. I've been blogging for almost 2 years (it will be 2 years in August for me), but so far I've only received 3 physical ARCs. I still get lots of egalleys from Netgalley, but I usually don't feel that excited because I don't like reading ebooks, but sometimes you just got to, it's the next best thing to recieving a physical ARC, at least it is for me. I feel the same way about commenting and when I get no comments. So when I get 5 comments, I get really excited, I'm so jealous of people who have been blogging for only a year and have way more followers than me, but I'm thankful that I have at least some. I try to comment more, but I get more lazy about commenting than I do about typing a blog post.
    Another way to read the book that you wanted to read is go to the library, unfortunately the libraries that are near me take 3 months for a new released book to arrive, by then I might as well just buy it, for ex: I requested Going Vintage, and Pretty Girl 13 before they released, and they're still on order, really annoying.
    I usually end up posting long comments too, it's why I get lazy to comment, because I don't want to just type a 3 words comment.

    Great discussion post, old follower btw.

    -Nazish @ Nazish Reads

    1. Yeah! And I do request. I just don't get them sent to me. So I admit, it hurts sometimes. :/ I also agree with you about the whole thing with people who've been blogging for way less time, but have so many more followers. It can really strike at someone's self-esteem at times. I've lost count at how many times I've asked myself "Am I doing something wrong?" But the thing is, we all just have our system and blog our way. In the end, it's about what we're satisfied with and we are grateful. These blogs are our places to talk and build some cool relationships among others that share the same interests. A lot of us don't have anyone in real life (like me) to talk books with. I'm so thankful to the followers and commenters I do have when I get them, and I'm happy for the other bloggers with their successes too.
      My library is the same way. I also have another library in the town over about 40 mins away, that also does that. So I don't even bother with trying to get books from either anymore. I donate books to them. But that's it. So I understand the frustration. It can be hard when it comes to small-town living with a library because the books get really hard to come by from them.

      Thanks for stopping by and the comment!


  2. I really like these kinds of posts. They resonate so well with my blogger frustratiosn and help me take a step back from the ledge, so to speak. Sometimes, it seems like blogging is so much of a number's game - number of pageviews, number of comments, number of followers - that it gets competitive and stops being fun.

    I know you've been down lately, and I'm so sorry about that. But you got me into blogging, and even if we weren't close friends, I'd still call your blog a favorite. <3 always, pretty Pixie.

    1. When the pressure gets heavy, it can be time to take a little breather I think. It shouldn't be stressing at all. Ever. :) Don't worry about numbers. But I know, most of us say "Oh don't worry about numbers"...but really, we're all secretly watching them. All. The. Time. O_O Lol.

      Thanks sweetie. And I'm glad I got you into blogging. It's been fun watching you learn techie things. <3

  3. Loving this post! I'm a very emotional person too, but for some reason I never get upset to the point of tears when it comes to blogging (other than when I'm reading or writing about something extremely touching, of course). I used to mind a LOT when I lost followers, but now I realize that I'm not blogging to reach a certain goal, I'm blogging because reading is my passion. Lately my blog has been pretty silent because I just don't have the time to update as much as I have in the past, and I really don't mind that pageviews are dwindling, as long as I know I can come back to it and have at least one person read my opinions, I'm happy.

    As for the ARCs, I understand that too. While I've been blogging for over two years now and I have received a pretty good amount of physical books for review, I feel like compared to some of my favorite bloggers who get books almost weekly, I'm failing. I often think "why don't publishers want to invest in ME? I write thorough reviews and make sure to promote them on all of my social media accounts. Am I doing something wrong?" I have 2,000+ followers, yet I still get denied for a large portion of books I request, even ebooks! I think the problem is that there are even more bloggers popping up now more than ever, and it's going to keep growing. I haven't established close relationships with most of the publishers I contact, but the few I have are always very helpful and willing to include me in helping promote most titles I request. I think we just have to find our way in, and it's going to be different for everyone!

    Lastly, I have to admit that I don't comment as much as I should, either. Sometimes I feel like I have nothing to say, and sometimes I will delete my comment halfway before I'm done, because I feel like I'm repeating someone else. Sometimes the post just doesn't catch my attention or sometimes I don't want to start drama. Hell, most days I just don't have the time to do anything but skim over someone's post. That being said, I'm sorry for writing a novel about your post...but at least I decided to share, right? ;)

    1. Hey Chey!
      Don't be sorry at all for the "novel" on my post. Lol! I really appreciate your comment! I'm sorry it took me a couple of days to reply back. I'm just getting around to checking the comments. Ha.

      In the beginning, it didn't bug me at all really when I had very little followers and I lost some/gained a few here and there. But now that I have a decent enough following--I think I do let the pressure get to me sometimes and that's where I let the emotions come in. Not so much as getting angry or anything like that at all, just hurt feelings maybe. But it should never feel competitive and I've realized this after a lot of thought. I'm just passionate about reading and sharing my thoughts on books--books I love, and even books I don't love. :D

      I agree. There are new blogs popping up all the time. Even some of us older bloggers are being set aside so that the newer ones can get more of an opportunity to find their voice, and that's okay. They need their chance too. Everyone is going to have their own system of doing things though. I think a lot of it depends on marketing and establishing the contacts (like you also stated).

      I'm the same way with commenting. That's why I slacked on my commenting for a long time. I'd visit, and halfway through my comment, I'd erase it because I just felt like I was repeating everyone else. Like I'd said above, I lurk a lot because I don't feel like commenting if it seems like there are dozens of comments above mine and they've all said what I'm just going to say anyway. But I'll try. And I am attempting to comment more because that's what this community is about. I know it's necessary for me to in order to continue being interactive. If someone visits me and comments, it may take me a day or two (maybe three at most--oops), but I'll reply back to them here and visit their blog as soon as I can because I do appreciate the comment and visit. :D

      Thanks again for visiting and the thoughtful response!



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