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Review: Through Indigo's Eyes

Title: Through Indigo's Eyes
Author(s): Lorna Nicholson, Tara Taylor
Genre: YA Paranormal, Fantasy

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“I was always going to be on the outside because I saw visions, visions that came true. And I’d been seeing them since I was little. When they first started, I was naïve enough to think that everyone around me also saw and heard things. I didn’t know that other people weren’t like me.”

       More than anything else, Indigo Russell longs to fit in. And if she can’t accomplish that, then she’ll settle for fading into the background, which she’s managed to do rather well over the last couple of years. To most of Ridgemont High, she’s just another teenager walking the halls, doodling in her notebook during class, never raising her hand. An average student. That’s what she’d like you to think.

But Indie isn’t average; she’s different. She has visions, visions that allow her to see into the future and back again. Only her family and best friend, Lacey, know about them. But when she sees Lacey’s boyfriend with another girl, Indie has to decide whether to trust her instincts or her friends. As she grows closer with John, an enigmatic loner who recently transferred to her school, the visions intensify, threatening not only to alter the lives of others, but also to expose her well-kept secret.

As someone who has experienced the paranormal as well, I can say that Through Indigo’s Eyes intrigued me. I’ve always had a fascination with spirits and psychics, and knowing that this was part non-fiction and part fiction, I sat through this read with interest and curiosity at how the story was going to play out for the characters.

I found it mostly entertaining, and I enjoyed reading it. The characters are complex, full of personality through the pages, and sometimes a bit outrageous and eyebrow-raising.

I was more interested in the emotion and visions behind Indigo’s struggles day-to-day more than the romance. The romance was really a back-burner to me, and I didn’t feel it much when it came to that. The romance moved too quickly really for my liking. Ouch. But I saw the point. And there were points clearly made. Teens do rush into relationships in reality at times. And Indigo clearly got into one of those situations when she fell into clear lust. It caused her to make some rushed decisions, and also to brush off some important activities at the same time because of the infatuation--and the controlling. I understood and did connect with this, but I still just didn’t like the romance overall in this one either way, sorry to say it.

I liked that Indigo’s mother was extremely supportive and open-minded, along with all of the research she provided as well. It was a big deal and I understood that Indigo needed at least one person in her family to be that way for her. It was refreshing seeing that, rather than the typical parental abandonment that tends to happen in some YA.

All in all, Through Indigo’s Eyes is a page turner with a captivating story. It comes across as very realistic and makes a reader, whether skeptical or a believer of the paranormal and also psychic abilities, really think.


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  1. Nice, I'll be throwing a copy on the old TBR list. :-)


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