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Blog Tour: Through Indigo's Eyes -- Guest Post

Hello all! Today I'm the tour stop for the title, Through Indigo's Eyes, and I have the lovely authors Tara Taylor and Lorna Schultz Nicholson stopping by to provide a post. I'd also like to thank HayHouse and both of the lovely ladies for the opportunity to be apart of the tour!

Through Indigo’s Eyes is a YA novel written by Lorna Schultz Nicholson and is based on the real life of Intuitive Tara Taylor.  Although all plots and secondary characters are fictional, the emotions and feeling of the main character, Indigo Russell, are taken from real life.  Lorna and Tara teamed up to write this book, thinking they could hit the fiction and non-fiction market to help people understand what an Indigo child goes through.  They are excited to be able to help everyone understand that all children are different!

So what exactly is an Indigo child?

Lorna:   When I first started the novel, I really hadn’t given the Indigo child much thought.  Children are children, and each and every one is different and special and I’m not someone who likes to place a label on any child.  I’m not a fan of the “gifted” school programs either, as I think all children are gifted.   When I started working on the novel, I did my usual character development charts, only this time I was writing about someone real, (Tara Taylor), so I used her life to fill in the blanks.  I looked at likes and dislikes, family life and pets and all that kind of superficial stuff, but I also went deeper and as I did I realized that as an Indigo child she was sensitive, and had a wisdom that was probably beyond her years.  She was also intuitive, and starting at a very early age, she could see spirits and angels and her deceased loved ones.  Prone to illnesses, like ulcers, she had also been diagnosed with ADHD, which is typical, I found out, about Indigo children.  This child also has a strong desire to change the world.  Okay, so she made my character development work easy and I had pages and pages of notes.  Of course, once I started writing, I also did hours of research on other Indigo children.  Now, again, I’m going to reiterate that I’m not a big believer in the “gifted” school programs, (yes, I know I might get backlash on this), and I think that Indigo children should not be treated differently, or labeled, or segregated, but should be accepted for their uniqueness.  Tara is unique and that makes Indigo also unique.  You’ll have to read the book to find out more!

Tara:  Firstly, Lorna is an amazing writer and it takes a lot of “uniqueness” on her part to be able to write a novel like this as it is not an easy task to mix fiction and non-fiction. I agree with Lorna as the word “gifted” separates children and every child is unique and that makes them brilliant and special just the way they are. Indigo children was a term that was introduced when I was 19 and it helped explain why I had, and still have, so many experiences that doctors, specialists and so forth could not really explain.  It also helped shed some light on why I was so sensitive to my surroundings to the point that my body would have physical issues with no family history of illness. My mother used to joke and say, “If only I had read The Indigo Children by Lee Carroll & Jan Tober and The Care and Feeding of the Indigo Children by Doreen Virtue, I would have gotten more sleep when you were growing up”.   Indigo children or the Indigo child is now a title, (like boy or girl), that has become main stream to explain to the world who these children are and why they have these certain abilities.  It is no different, really, than saying a child is a really good singer, painter or writer. Indigo is a quick way of describing a highly sensitive child who is affected by energy, emotions and can see, hear, feel or know things that most people would miss in their everyday lives. Indigos are in tune to a higher frequency that never really shuts off, and they have constant distraction and background noise. This book is meant to be a form of entertainment but also an outlet to better explain what it is like to be an Indigo child. It’s possible that you might be an indigo yourself and you just did not know it yet!

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