Friday, June 22, 2012

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Q: If you could “unread” a book, which one would it be? Is it because you want to start over and experience it again for the first time? Or because it was THAT bad?

This is my problem. When a book is bad, I tend to forget about it. Title, characters, plot. You name it. I’ll erase it from my mind. Especially my DNF reads. But when it’s THAT bad, and I read the entire thing, I will remember it. And the sad thing is: there have been times when I’ve attempted to try and re-read these really bad ones again, hoping that my opinion changed at a different time. They usually don’t.

With that said, a book I wish I could “unread” would probably be Tris & Izzy. One of my bad experiences last year that I still can’t forget. I never like being hateful. That’s not my thing. Of course there’s book we all like and books we don’t.

In answer to the first part of the question: I do love re-reading favorites. If I could “unread” a favorite and experience it all over again for the first time, I’d choose Wuthering Heights. It’d be lovely to experience that magic I felt again.

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  1. Wuthering Heights can you believe I have never read that. What a sad person I am LOL. I really need to read it.

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  2. Just Hopping through :) New follower via GFC,
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  3. Very nice answer, Pixie! I haven't heard of Tris&Izzy, but I do have a list of my own with titles that I could barely stand :(

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  4. Tris & Izzy totally didn't do it for me either. Then I tried Mira, Mirror to see if I could get into her style in another book, and...No. I have three other books by her, so I'm nervous. If I didn't like the first two I read, can I possibly like the others? Thankfully, it can happen. I'm counting on it. :)

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  5. Wow I read Wuthering Heights like two times, but I get really mad at the characters lol. Old follower!

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  6. I have never heard of Wuthering Heights before, maybe I will try it out sometime
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  7. I've read Wuthering Heights before, but I could never get myself to like it.
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  8. I still have to read Wuthering Heights, I know I am sad. :D **New Follower**

  9. Hopping through. Tris and Izzy was the main book I thought of as really bad. I only got through 50 pages.
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