Thursday, June 21, 2012

New Blog Feature: Midnight Rendezvous

On occasion I like to read adult titles (some erotica included, especially J.R. Ward, Charlaine Harris, and Richelle Mead's adult series), and when I do, I like to share my thoughts. This is primarily a YA reviewing blog, but I didn't want to start a separate one just to share my other half of enjoyment. Instead, I've come up with a solution--also thanks to ideas from seeing other bloggers do the same thing (one in particular being Parajunkee with her After Dark feature) and will be starting a side feature for these particular adult titles.

Anytime I go to review, discuss, or host anything adult/erotica related, the above image will be placed at the start so that you're aware it's not YA/not recommended for anyone under a certain age group due to content.

Just wanted to put up the quick announcement! Thanks! :)


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