Monday, November 28, 2016

Intoducing Myself

Hi, all!  My name is Kelly, and I'll be blogging on here as another Bookaholic for awhile.

Well, while some of you may know me from my years-dead blog, PaperFantasies, my guess would be that most of you don't.  Since I hope to be making a lot of new wonderful bookish friends in my time here, let's get to know each other!

First and foremost, I'm a book lover.  There is nothing as comforting to me as being surrounded by my treasured novels.  It's like having hundreds of friends with you even when you're all alone.  I've cried with these characters.  I've laughed with them.  I've joined them on their countless journeys and slowly unlocked myself along the way, and I've fallen in love with them.  A lot of them.  A whole lot of them.  I'm a bit of a fangirl for these book boys.  (You've been warned.)

Back on my other blog, my signature posts were an original series of mine called YA Epidemics. 
Every other week or so, I would highlight the most annoyingly cliche aspects of my favorite genre in what I like to tell myself was a humorous, entertaining way.  I intend to bring that series back here, mixing some of the old topics I've already discussed with new.  I'll try to review at least one book a week, and throw in one or two other bookish posts along with it.

During my extended hiatus, I never stopped missing this wonderfully vast, diverse online community of likeminded book lovers.  I never stopped missing that warm sense of acceptance, or how often other amazing bloggers would help lead me to my next favorite series.  And I especially never stopped missing how much closer to the books I felt through blogging and reviewing.  I've managed to keep a small part of that alive through my friendship with Pixie, the original admin of The Bookaholic, and I can't wait to immerse myself in the joys of book blogging once again.

So if you'll give me a chance, my promise to you is to try to be another of your trusted reviewers.  To write posts that will make you laugh, make you think, and to do my best to be a positive footnote to your day.

Comments and discussions will always be welcome here.



  1. I also used to blog but stopped for two years. It was so hard at first! Now I'm back and I've set up a new blog, don't you love a clean new start? Anyway, I wish you all the best with your blogging endeavors!

    1. Thanks, Rita! I was debating whether or not to start blogging again on my old blog, but it has just been too long. I'm so grateful to Pixie for letting me use hers.


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