Monday, January 6, 2014

The Bookaholic... Now Open?? -- Read On For An Announcement & News

I'm exhausted y'all. Just like this bunny.

So here is the info and news and an announcement:

Next month I celebrate 3 full years of blogging. WHOOP WHOOP. It’s been a long journey, and I’ve met some wonderful people along the way that I’m so proud to call close friends now. <3

However, as many of you know, I’m a semi-author too. Well, self-published for the most part at the moment as I work my way around the whole scene (And I just totally imagined Will Ferrell doing that SNL skit with whatshisname Chris Kataan --sure I spelled that all wrong or whatever, WHATEVER-- but I giggle-snorted thinking of that dance scene. I’m living on very little sleep right now as you can tell.). I’m actually working on THREE--yes you read that correctly--novels at the moment, and trying to run two separate kind of blogs. The other blog I run doesn’t have anything much to do with books, or this news, and it’s really new still but I encourage visits/follows if you love movies, television and music! :D ( in case you need the link!)

Anyways. You can say that the last few months have been a bit hectic for me. That’s likely an understatement. I’ve been terribly sick on and off the last month with a cold. Some days I just want to sleep because of that alone, and some days when I’m feeling great, I was finding myself crazy busy. By the time I was able to wind down--I didn’t have the desire to do any blogging.

2014 is a new year though! This first portion of it will continue to be somewhat busy until toward the start of March when softball season is over for one of my kids. But I can say that things will be winding down enough for me throughout the year for me to be more active with my reading and posting schedule.

Here’s the news: To lighten the workload even more, I’ve put a lot of consideration into this recently and have decided I’m more than willing to take on a co-blogger here at The Bookaholic finally just in time for my 3 year anniversary! When I made this little statement on Twitter the other evening, I was pleasantly surprised to find more interest than I thought there would be. Seriously… I thought NO ONE would want to step up and join me, and instead I had tweets and re-tweets and responses coming at me from all angles that I couldn’t possible know where to go from there!

So I have to just make things fair and ask that anyone interested in this position to please apply using this FORM. It’s completely private. I will be the only one to see your response. My decision is going to be based on who I think I will work with best, as well as best for keeping The Bookaholic the bookish home it’s been for the last three years. I want it to be a comfort place for the co-blogger as well, and for them to be able to make many wonderful friends I have with their own journey as well. <3

Applicants need not apply if you’re only looking for:

--ARCs, auto-access to any publishers, publicists, etc.

--Boost in book sales by spamming followers (I don’t have a prob at all with any authors applying, but don’t if you think you’re going to use The Bookaholic as your ‘marketing’ platform)

--A temporary blog/A place to blog at for less than two-three months. I want the co-blogger to have intentions of staying around with me for a while, pleeeaaseee. :)

As an added note, I’d like to also say to anyone that may not be picked as co-blogger, there may be an additional one or two applicants I’d contact to consider as regular guest bloggers for reviews and/or features. And their name would be listed on the blog as such. Exciting, right? I hope!


Thanks! Here is the link to the FORM again. This application process will end Saturday. I will let my new co-blogger (and possible additional guest bloggers) know the news by Sunday morning, and make the announcement next week!


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  1. Congrats on three years, Pixie! I also hope you do well with your novels!


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