Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Bookish Bucket List -- Do You have One Yet?

This post idea was inspired by a forum post I'd seen at the blog ring, Book Blogs, also credited to The Book Wheel and Bloggiesta that'd made posts/hops earlier this year similar to this topic. After seeing the topic, I just knew I had to sit down and seriously consider a bucket list related to all things books and writing so that I can give myself this goal in life to try and complete.
Why create any bucket list? It can give a person a sense of accomplishment in life. If you’re going to ‘kick the bucket,’ you want to do so with the sense of knowing that you lived your life with no regrets, right? Sure, we’re not going to get every thing done probably. But even getting a few things done can not only be fun, but have you feeling like you really did something by the end. Remember, this is a list for bookish and bookish-related things. Want to create one of your own after reading mine? Please do! And leave me the link so that I can check it out!

So here we go--

Go to my first author signing/meet-and-greet. ---Yep. I’ve never met an author in person in my life. How crazy is that? It’s not really. I just live in a pretty small town that happens to be in an area of a bunch of other small towns (though slightly larger than mine at least). So we don’t get many “big city folk” around these parts. Shreveport isn’t too terribly far. I can never understand why there’s not a lot of author events there. Apparently when it comes to author events, I have to travel though. Dallas is about three hours away. Not bad. If the timing is right, I could go there. Next year’s BEA will probably be the first time I meet authors in person. I AM EXCITE.

This will be me at BEA.

Go to a convention (BEA, RT, ALA, etc.) --- Oh, this one is getting knocked off my list next year. See the first bucket list item above. MEET MY FRIENDS/OTHER BLOGGERS.

Take a whole year off of writing to use as a means of reading one book a day (365 Book Challenge) --- I don’t know if I could really do this. But it could happen one day, right? I love the idea anyway. So many books to devour in a year.

To read at least fifty from each of these lists in my lifetime (not including the ones already previously read before starting bucket list)--working toward a Classics Challenge for myself to read as many I can, and to read as many banned/challenged books as possible.

Publish. Publish. Publish. --- I don’t know how many times I have to write that. Bahaha. I’m considered published already, self-published, so that’s sort of a mark off this bucket list. But I’m talking about something bigger in my lifetime. It has never been my goal to only stay in this category and do everything by myself even though I know the popularity of self-publishing is growing more and more by the day. I’d always wanted more than that… to make it into the traditional market, to see a book with my name in a real bookstore. Even if I stay small, I don’t mind a bit.

Visit famous author/book locations one day --- Not all at once, of course! Just through the course of my lifetime. One vacation I go to one place. And a different vacation some years later or something to another, ya know? It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Some of the places I’d love to visit? These:

Stratford-Upon-Avon (Shakespeare, duh.)
Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site (Philadelphia)
The Stanley Hotel (Colorado)
The Abbey Theatre (Dublin, Ireland)
Powell’s (Portland)


Gain 1,000 followers on the blog --- I know, it’s not about the follower count. And I love each and every one of the current followers that do follow me already. But it’d be kind of awesome if I ever reached that number. After blogging for nearly three years, I’d say I’m doing okay.

See a quoted review in a final copy of a loved book --- I was so excited earlier this year when a piece of my Throne of Glass review had been quoted and placed in the Crown of Midnight ARC. It didn’t make it to the final copy though, and that’s okay. Maybe I’ll get that opportunity one day for a book I love!

Hug Stephen King --- I don’t know if he’d accept hugs. But I really need to hug him.

Design my own library for when the hubs and I start building our house in the next few years. I’d like to imagine it’d look similar to this:


(All the shelves. I need them.)

Create my own popular blogging meme/feature

Get a few more tattoos. How is this bookish? Because the ones I want are literary. Some quotes/images that relate to books! :P

Re-read all of Harry Potter from the first until the last. Admittedly, I’ve only re-read the first four (first 3 a few times, fourth twice). But I’ve never managed to find the time to re-read five, six, and seven. This makes me sad. So, I just want to pick them all up and re-read them all.

Actually, speaking of re-reads, let’s just put it down that I want to take time with several favorites I’ve never managed to re-read: Daughter of Smoke & Bone/Days of Blood & Starlight, the entire Hunger Games trilogy, all of Vampire Academy series, all of Wicked Lovely series, and Wintergirls. A month or two of nothing but revisiting my favorites would be lovely.

Visit at least 10 of these gorgeous world-famous libraries. (D.C., Maryland, Seattle, Ireland, Amsterdam, Ottawa, Italy, and Austria especially)


Be asked to write a review/be featured in a major publication or magazine.

Build up comic book collection with special editions/collectibles. Same goes for classic books.

Go to a special theater performance of a Shakespeare play. Preferably at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London, of course.

Start a Bookish Photo Challenge like taking a picture in front of bookstore windows in every city I ever visit. Or start a scrapbook of a photo catalogue: Every book I read, take a picture. Find interesting ways for book photos other than just me, or me holding book. Haha.

Buy a book-purse (or two).

Also to go with the above: Learn how to make some crafts (though I would probably not use real pages, and would use my scanner/copier instead). Ooohh, these shoes….

Start my own used book selling business online --- I have plennnnttyyy to start out right now if I wanted.

Go to Comic-Con and dress up in character! I’m leaning toward one of these right now, but it could change by the time I get around to going:


(Mystique or Hellcat)


And that is all I have for now on my bucket list. Since it is a bucket list though, it will constantly change. I’ll either think of more things to add to it through the years, or I’ll complete things on the list above to mark off. I would love to see every one of those things completed though. See anything above that you would probably put on one for yourself? What would be some things you’d like to do in your lifetime book related?
Sound off in the comments! Remember, if you create your own list on your blog, please leave the link so I can come visit. =D




  1. Nice list!
    My vote is for Mystique but I could be Hellcat isn't bad. What happened to the Dark Phoenix?
    I'd say shoot for the San Diego comic-con. If you're gonna go, go big!
    Those libraries look awesome.
    I don't know who I'd like to meet (as far as authors go)...
    You better look me up when you're in Philly!

    1. Mystique is def the pop vote. And I've pretty much decided at this point that's my choice right now. Like I said though, things change. I don't know if my decision will be different by the time I DO get around to CC (and of course I'd go to San Diego, you think I'm crazy?!). But that would be an awesome and probably one of the lesser common costumes. Plus totally fun makeup. :P
      Of course I'd look ya up!


  2. Fantastic list....there are many on here I would LOVE to do. *sighs*

    1. Thanks! Hopefully I can knock a few of these off the list at least in the next couple of years. *crosses fingers*

  3. I agree with Red! Go with Mystique! I think you would almost look exactly like her in costume! And I can't wait to take you all over the Javits Center! It was my first time meeting any authors too and the whole experience is so freaking overwhelming and it will be one of the best experiences of your life!

    1. Mystique seems to be the popular choice. =D I think I'd more likely go with that anyway since she's one of my faves. And it would be cool to dress up in all that makeup. =P
      It will be overwhelming, but sooo exciting! I can't wait! Yay!

  4. I want a book purse now!!

    Pixie, this is wonderful!! I need to make my own list as well!!

    1. You should! It's fun!
      And book purses look so cute. But boy they are expensive every time I look around and find the ones I like. Maybe I'll learn to make them instead? Lol.

  5. I really want to do so many of the things on your list.

    There are so many authors I would dearly love to attend an author signing or meet and greet. I also live in a small town, so the authors usually bypass us for Phoenix. One day I will make that happen!

    BEA is going to be super fun. I am reallyy excited to go for BEA itself, but I think getting together with everyone will be the highlight.

    That would be a series reading commitment!

    And YES to wishing for more reread time. There are just so many books all the time it can be difficult to get a chance to revisit old favorites.

    You are more than halfway to 1000! I am sure you'll reach that huuuuge milestone soon. You definiely deserve it!

    THE QUOTE THING YES. I was quoted in a print ARC (have yet to find physical copy to see if it lasted) and it pretty much made my week. That's a great feeling and a definite bucketlist item for me.

    Book purse: WANT

    And I vote Mystique!

    1. Sometimes it sucks living in a small town because of missing out on the awesome author events that I hear everyone else talking about, but at the same time I like small town life too and don't know if I'd trade it to live in a big city just for the occasional event. Lol.

      Yay BEA! I'm so excited to meet everyone and for the event. It'll be awesome. =D

      Thank you! :)

      Congrats on getting quoted in an ARC--that is so awesome! I hope it goes into the final copy. It really is a great feeling either way.

      Book purses are adorbs. I have no idea exactly which one I'd even pick. There's so mannnyyy..

      Yes. Mystique. I believe that's been decided. And also popular vote. =D


  6. This is so cute!! I love it! Oh man, all of those beautiful libraries!

    1. They are! In some beautiful places that I could tour while I'm there. =D


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