Friday, August 30, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge (7,8, and 9)

Don't know what the 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge is? Check it out at Good Books and Good Wine, and hop in on the fun if you want also. Click on the 'fifteen day' tag at the bottom of the post, or go to my Events tab to follow along with all of the posts for this challenge. :)

Day Seven:
Talk About Your Blogging Quirks


I don’t think I really have any. Mostly I just can’t stand CAPTCHA. When it comes to my own quirks--I’m probably particular about how I like images to line up according to the posts, always using a certain font/size. And no matter if the colors/header/widgets, etc. ever change, you can pretty much bet the layout will stay the same. That’s basically because I’m a fan of the layout. I have the space I need. I feel like my stuff doesn’t look too cluttered when I look at it. I love the bottom bar addition, even though I know I’ve read at various tips/tricks things that those don’t get a lot of attention, it just all feels more organized for me personally. That’s about it as far as ‘quirks’ go.

I don’t really have any quirks when it comes to posting. I’m not someone who HAS to post every single day (and it’s obvious I don’t, haha) but I do try to share at least one or two reviews a week if I can’t get anything else done. This last week I haven’t had much in the way of any reviews because I’m finally all caught up in reading and don’t have a review to share just yet. =O So I’m reading my current reads as fast as I can so I can share something soon. =D

Day Eight:
Quick! Write 15 Bullet Points of Things That Appeal to You on Blogs!

I don’t have 15. I’ll write 5. Lol.

+Look -- I don’t really care if it’s extremely fancy, professionally done, or whatever. In fact, sometimes it can be too overdone. So a blog’s look can be the first thing that will appeal to me when I visit before I even start reading. Oh! And P.S.? Don’t put anything that automatically plays music/repeating sound. No captcha, either. Annoying.

+Sidebar Widgets -- Love seeing what’s on sidebars, like your Currently Reading or Favorite Blogs. It helps me figure out what we may have in common also.

+Easy Navigation -- Hey, I’ve just read some of your posts, commented, and now I want to go back and check out some of your older stuff. A nav bar that points out direct links to reviews, discussion posts, and other features to make for easier blog surfing while I’m at your page is so awesome.  ^_^ (Or at least tags and an archive or search bar that makes things simple)

+YOU -- I really like to see the blogger’s personality and immediately what it is they enjoy most through their posts when I hop over onto their blog.

Day Nine:
Why Do You Blog About Books?

I don’t really know many people around me personally. Not many that are into books that much anyway. And I wanted to talk books damn it. Favorite books. Books I hated. Characters. I had tried a small blog before on a writing critique site several years ago where I talked books when I could, but I didn’t know what it was I was doing (I hadn’t heard of blogging at all at that time). Then had comp probs and scheduling issues, but got a laptop finally (YAY!). It wasn’t long after, I left the other site and joined GR. Then a couple years ago, after I started participating in GR a bit more, I found my way to the blogging community and it was immediately HOME. Felt good to talk about books amongst so many others--and I’ve made wonderful friends along the way. :D

Tune in soon for the next post!

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