Monday, July 29, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge (Day 1)

Okay, so I'm totally late starting this challenge but I only just recently heard of this and I still wanted to try it out anyway. :P I knew that even though most of everyone participating was going to be finished soon, the linky was going to be up for a few months and the host said people could jump in and start at any time. It sounded like fun and a good way to keep me occupied on the blog for a while! :)

Don't know what the 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge is? Check it out at Good Books and Good Wine, and hop in on the fun if you want also.

Day One:
Fifteen Book-Related Confessions

It’s time to fess up. (Not in any particular order, either.)

1. I get easily distracted and sometimes no matter how well I might like a book, there’s been moments when I’ll skim the last 50 or so pages--speed reading--just to get a basic idea of what the ending was, read the final page or two, and be done so that I can move on to my next one. But usually this just happens when a book has lost a majority of my attention by that point. I’ve never had any of my high-rated books make me do this.

2. I probably have about eight boxes of books in my husband’s storage building, plus three in the house to be placed in there (all boxed books are mostly read). My shelves are still full of books even though I just cleaned them up and reorganized and include close to 35 books there that I haven’t read yet--half of which have probably been on shelves for a couple of years waiting to be picked up. Haha. I still go out and buy more anyway. There’s no stopping me. It’s a must. Let’s hope I never have to move…

3. I still read all my e-galleys on my laptop through Adobe Digital Editions despite that I have a Kindle Fire (and have had it since Christmas). Tbh, I still haven’t entirely figured out the whole Kindle Fire thing on how to download/transfer books from NG, etc. to it even after owning it for 7 months. I’m not going to bother. Lol. It’s just easier to keep reading the e-galleys on the comp, my habit, so no big deal.

4. If you tell me you “don’t read” or “hate reading,” I will judge you. Then I might make it my mission to find you something to read that you might like based on interests (tv, movies, etc.). I have been known to turn non-readers into readers before!

5. I’m still trying to grasp the whole idea of New Adult. Why does it necessarily have to have sexual themes in every single NA book to be classified in this category? Why can’t a NA be a NA with just simply mature themes, but not mature sexual content? See, I don’t get it. Confusing, much?

6. In love triangles, I always seem to like the male interest that the author writes as more of the “used toy.” Examples: In Hunger Games, I’ve always been a Gale fan.
Even years ago when I started Vampire Academy series, my fave was Adrian straight from book two (Frostbite) and on. And now we have Bloodlines for his story! Whooot!

In Wither, I liked Linden better even though it was apparent that Gabe was supposed to be the interest.
True Blood-- Eric.
Well, you get the idea. Ha.

7. No one is allowed to touch books on my shelf. No, seriously. It’s a house rule. You can’t just come in here and snatch one of my effing books off the shelf. I am seriously nit-picky about that. I’d happily let you look at any book from the bookshelf, but ASK, and I’ll get it for you and when you’re done, I’ll put it back. Why? They’re in an order. I have issues, people. 0_0

8. I will read up to 4 or 5 books at one time. While this helps me keep ahead of my reading goal, it also keeps me pretty busy with a backlog of reviews to write through week as I finish. But I’ve developed this habit and now I feel like I just can’t read one book/write a review at a time.

9. I can’t stand when someone reads out loud to me. I mean, I REALLY hate it with a passion. One of the most annoying things ever in my opinion. I can read! If it’s there for me to read just fine on my own, don’t read it to me. This peeve also worries me when it comes to audio books. Since I’ve never tried them, and would like to sometime, I have to wonder if I would hate them?

10. I’ve only attempted to read Jane Austen once years ago but have never fully read through a whole Austen novel. Wasn’t too interested, but I have read summaries of a few works and it sounds good. I just can’t get the motivation. (Austen fans on the page will probably jump me now, I’m sure.)

11. I actually first read the HP series out of order by starting with Goblet of Fire when my mom brought it home to me when I was 15. Someone had given it to her at work to give to me knowing how much I liked to read and we didn’t know it was the fourth book in a series at the time. Ha. I read it within a day. Immediately after, I went and bought the first three and devoured them within the week, and had to wait a year for the release of #5. Favorite HP characters: Professor Snape, Draco, and the twins.

12. I had never marked a book as DNF before until I started blogging two and a half years ago. Before then, I’d always forced myself to finish books, no matter how awful it was going. When I started blogging and getting into the swing of things with reviewing more, I quickly learned that I just couldn’t always do that. I still try to finish books, but if I really can’t, I don’t force myself. There’s just too many books I want to read and not enough time!

13. I love re-reading favorite books and have been known to re-read some over and over. Especially when I’m in a reading slump and just need to get out of a funk. It’s something I know I already enjoy and can curl up with. How many times have I re-read Wuthering Heights? Uh, maybe six times. Stardust? 3. Jane Eyre? Twice. And several of Shakespeare’s plays numerous times. Ha!

14. I actually prefer paperbacks to hardbacks. But I think hardbacks look much nicer on shelves. Paperbacks are just easier to hold and more portable for traveling around. But if I buy a first to a series and it’s in hardback, then any future installments I buy will have to match (or try to). Another organization type thing for me. Ha. Same goes if it’s paperback.

15. I am a total cover whore. I admit it. Forget that old saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” because that’s how a good portion of those babies on my shelf end up there.


Well, those are my confessions! Do you have any to share? Or have any in common? Sound off in the comments or leave your links! :)


  1. You got a new blog design! YAY! I like paperbacks better too. But I have to buy the hardback because I need it as soon as it releases. LOL.

    1. Yes I did! :D As much as I love purple, I wanted some change for a while. Haha!
      I understand that. I will go out and buy hardbacks, too. Especially when it's new releases that I've been really wanting or a series that I've been keeping up with since the start (and they'll usually have to match anyway). But if I start a series in paperback first, and I don't want to wait for the next installment to come out in paperback--it takes so many months longer, omg--I'll just pout and whine about not matching and get the hardback because I would not wait. LOL.

      Thank you for coming by! :D <3


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