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Blog Tour: Naturals by Tiffany Truitt (Review + Playlist & Giveaway!)

Lot of excitement going on in this post today. I have a couple of things to get to first though before I start the fun. I'm so happy to be part of the NATURALS blog tour...and if you don't know what Naturals is all about, it's the sequel to Chosen Ones, a series that I just highly recommend! Ms. Truitt has dropped by and graciously shared her playlist, which will be shared in just a bit along with a giveaway (tour-wide)!

So, everyone knows that I generally have some heavy thoughts when it comes to sequels. What were my thoughts when I picked up Naturals?

Tess is finally safe from the reach of the Council, now that she is living in the Middlelands with the rebel Isolationists. With James having returned to Templeton, she easily falls back into her friendship with Henry, though her newfound knowledge of Robert’s chosen one status still stings. Even surrounded by people, Tess has never felt more alone. So she’s thrilled when James returns to the settlement, demanding to see Tess — until she finds out that it’s because her sister, Louisa, has been recruited into Tess’s old position at Templeton, and that the dangerously sadistic chosen one George has taken an interest in her.


Chosen Ones became one of my new favorite dystopias last year, and I sat on pins and needles waiting for the sequel. I’m excited to say that Naturals was just as amazing and didn’t disappoint, and now I’m eagerly awaiting the next yet again!

The world that Tiffany Truitt has built is intense and gritty. It’s in your face from the moment you begin reading. The most noticeable thing in the sequel would be the character changes. Where Tess was a bit naïve and still learning a lot in the first book, by the second, she has developed and grown into a strong and smart character full of edge. At times she felt a bit too judgmental or clingy to things/ideas, and I found this underlying message through this development. Henry aggravated me often and I don’t want to go into detail in fear of spoilers because of this being a sequel review--but I wasn’t a fan of his character. This sequel was more about the character development than the action for me I think, though the action was still there, the details gritty and gripping, and I enjoyed every bit of it. I particularly liked learning more about the wider part of this world outside of Templeton, the Isolationists and their lifestyle, and the dangers that kept me on edge and reading.

This is not a series you want to miss.


Did you know that books can have music playlists/soundtracks like movies and television shows? No? Well they can. Or at least, I've always liked to believe they can. Personally, I love music almost as much as I do reading and writing. It's about the next best thing. I especially like pairing them up. I love reading and then later hearing a song and thinking to myself, " that really fits the character's moment/mood/etc."
For this blog tour, I did something a little different and asked Ms. Truitt what her playlist would be for Naturals. She gave an amazing list, and because of that, I wanted to throw in some of the music videos.

Welcome Ms. Truitt!
TT: Today, I am here to talk about music….only one of my favorite things in all the world. So, thanks to The Bookaholic for hosting me. :)
Me: So glad to have you here!
TT: The playlist for Naturals represents a combination of music I listened to while writing the novel, and more current songs that I feel go with the general theme of the story.
(Me: I've included a few of the videos embedded below.)
1. Awolnation - Sail


2. Mumford and Sons – Broken Crown


3. Florence and the Machine - No Light, No Light


4. Imagine Dragons – Apocalypse


5. Lumineers – Stubborn Love


6. Rhianna – Stay


7. Frank Ocean – Thinking About You


8. LCD Soundsyem – Someone Great


And just for fun…here’s the play list for book one, Chosen Ones
1. Somebody's Blues - Jimmy Eat World

2. Hero - Regina Spektor

3. Hurricane - 30 Seconds to Mars

4. Born to Die - Lana Del Rey

5. Come Alive - Foo Fighters

6. Windowstill - Arcade Fire

7. My Body is a Cage - Arcade Fire

8. Closer - Kings of Leon

9. Awake My Soul - Mumford and Sons

10. Running Up that Hill – Placebo

11. Paradise – Coldplay

12. Sing for Absolution – Muse
Me: Such fantastic music. I love SO much of this! :) Thank you, Ms. Truitt for stopping by with your own personal soundtrack today!
And last but not least!
Don't forget to enter the giveaway below before you leave! Hope you enjoyed today's stop.

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  1. Great review! I'm really looking forward to starting this series, I have the first book waiting to be read!

    I absolutely adore this playlist!! There are soooo many amazing songs on it, Ms. Truitt has exceptionally great taste ;)


    1. Me too. :D I'm particularly addicted to that Awolnation song at the moment also--so I was all "Ahhh!" when I saw it on the list. Lol. :P


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