Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sound Effects #1

Welcome to my new feature on the blog: Sound Effects!

How is this going to work? Well sometimes when I’m reading a book, I get a song or a clip from another character stuck in my head. So I figured this might be a neat way to showcase this---or it could be odd---I don’t know. You be the judge. Anyways, every week (most likely one of the weekend days like a Saturday or Sunday), I’ll put up Sound Effects. This will feature that moment’s current read and either a song I find fitting or a movie/television clip below the book cover.

Hope you enjoy this new addition to the blog! Also, side note, it will get a bit more organized with time I’m sure. Haha! :)

Right now I’m currently reading:

I'm not as immersed in this book as I'd hoped to be, but it has a gorgeous cover with a setting that I long to visit one day, too. And it also makes me think of this which calms me:



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