Thursday, May 10, 2012

Follow Friday (52) -- Blogger Hop (7)

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Q: This Sunday in the U.S. is Mother’s Day, in celebration, what are some of your favorite books with strong mother/child relationships?

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Harry Potter (Mrs. Weasley!)

Book Blogger Hop

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Q: Who is your favorite book character? I’ll give you a maximum of two choices, but they have to be from different genres!

Crap. Only two? *headdesk* I can’t do that! It’s torture. I have so many favorites for so many reasons. Ugh.
Fine. Okay. I’ll give two. But it doesn’t mean they’re my only two! I’m stubborn.

Adrian Ivashkov (Vampire Academy, Bloodlines). Oh, how he makes me laugh. If he were real…well, never mind.

Scarlet (by A.C. Gaughen). Total mindbender and love the humor, wit, and courage.

Have a great weekend and happy reading!



  1. Yes! Molly Weasley is the greatest fictional mom out there :)

    My Follow Friday

  2. Oh I agree Adrian is awesome!
    Happy Friday :)

    New email follower (amugglesmagicalbookblog at yahoo).

    Happy Friday :)

    New email follower (amugglesmagicalbookblog at yahoo).

    The Muggle
    Nominate Your Book Boyfriend

  3. Molly Weasley is a good choice.

  4. After I made my choice of Mom's, I thought of Lily Potter! LOL! Mrs. Weasley is a great choice, too!

    My "FF" post.

    Now following via Linky!

  5. I've heard nothing but good things about The Fault In Our Stars. I want to read it so bad!
    Happy FF!

  6. I love The Fault in Our Stars as well! Hazel and Gus are incredible characters, and Molly Weasley is definitely one of the best book moms out there.

    Stopping by from the Hop! Happy reading.

  7. I like the Molly Weasley suggestion! New follower here, stop by and follow back at when you can! :)

  8. I can't wait to read The Fault in Our Stars!

    new follower :)
    My FF

  9. New Follower. I absolutely love Adrian, but sorry I loved Dimitri more of course. :-P And I chose Rose Hathaway for my pick. I totally love her still.

  10. Whoopss...I got too excited.

    Here's mine:


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