Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Discussion: Author/Blogger Drama--Make it stop! :/

That’s it. I’ve held my tongue long enough.

As most of you know by now, there’s been quite the drama lately at Goodreads with authors and bloggers going back and forth between each other. Sometimes it settles down for a bit until something else comes along, and then more debate rages on, and well…now I’ve decided I’m putting my two cents in.

Not that it really matters, of course. It’s just MY opinion. And plenty of opinions have been stressed over and over through these matters I’m sure.

Personally, I’ve tried to avoid the whole thing. But when I continuously read the comments on my timeline and the threads on the reviews, my tongue can only get bitten so many times before I start tasting copper, right? I’ve got to let off some steam, and I’m interested to know what many of you are thinking as well.

Here’s the deal. I’m saying this as both a writer and a blogger: authors, grow some skin. Quit your bitching. And this is coming from a WRITER. I’m bound to receive negative reviews myself, but what am I going to do about it? Absolutely nothing. No, I take that back…I’m going to KEEP WRITING and move on. That’s what you’re supposed to do, and I’m sick of hearing “Oh, I’m being bullied” when I can clearly read the reviews and they are the reviewers’ OPINIONS--and then they are blatantly attacked by you and/or your “crew”.

Okay, yes, negative reviews hurt. I get that. I understand that part from the authors’ side. However, there is no excuse to throw temper-tantrums because you didn’t get the review you wanted. To add, you’ve put the work out for those opinions. Expect them, no matter good or bad. Grow. Thick. Skin.

When I first started sharing my writing with others, I was terrified. I really cried the first time I had negative comments when I was on this writing forum several years ago, not because the comments were rude, but because they were people’s opinions and they weren’t good like I’d expected. I’d psyched myself out, thinking I was just the greatest--had this huge ego, I admit--and was brought down real low, real quick. And yes, I understood the difference between attacking me personally, and criticizing my work. I was not attacked and I did not have a fit. I learned what reviews were. And you know what? I also learned from that experience. It taught me a lot about taking criticism, understanding that people aren’t going to agree, and that I needed a huge ego check (and yeah, I checked it that day haha).

Being a book blogger in the last year has taught me even more through the reviewing perspective. People still have differences in opinions and it still shouldn’t affect a writer other than the desire to continue writing and doing what they love. A reader doesn’t like your book? Well oh well. Move on. It’s not the end of the world.

A professional reviewer or critic didn’t like your book? Blah, doesn’t mean anything. I’ve read plenty of books before that critics didn’t rate/like and I loved them. And vice versa.

Talking to a blogger friend of mine earlier made me think of this author: Stephen King. He hasn’t always had winners, but he still writes and you don’t see him running around throwing fits about how the critics didn’t like his latest book. I love that about him. Some people should really sit down and learn from him.



What matters is your ATTITUDE.

You sit there and throw temper-tantrums over negative reviews…well guess what? Many people I know, and same with people I’ve talked to, have bought books because of negative reviews and ended up liking them. However, if you have this huge attitude problem as an author where you are going around fighting over every negative review or attacking reviewers, I don’t want any part of your work. No matter how good it might be. Your attitude alone could be your selling point, and you may just ruin it by acting like that ridiculous fool.

By the way, word spreads rapidly in the reviewing and book blogging community.

Reviewers and Bloggers, keep writing those awesome reviews. Don’t let your opinions be restricted just because you may be worried about what the author will say/do. There should never be any FEAR in expressing your opinion over a book you took your time to read, whether you were requested to read it or you sat down to read and review it for yourself. You all do so much for us authors and I know you probably don’t feel as appreciated as you should. But really--a lot of us do appreciate you. Don’t let a few bad eggs spoil the fun.

I’m just sick of the entire mess. Had to rant.

On that note:







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