Wednesday, February 29, 2012

ARC Review: Chosen Ones

Title: Chosen Ones
Author: Tiffany Truitt
Genre: YA Dystopian
Release Date: April 10th

What if you were mankind’s last chance at survival?

Sixteen-year-old Tess lives in a compound in what was once the Western United States, now decimated after a devastating fourth World War. But long before that, life as we knew it had been irrevocably changed, as women mysteriously lost the ability to bring forth life. Faced with the extinction of the human race, the government began the Council of Creators, meant to search out alternative methods of creating life. The resulting artificial human beings, or Chosen Ones, were extraordinarily beautiful, unbelievably strong, and unabashedly deadly.

Life is bleak, but uncomplicated for Tess as she follows the rigid rules of her dystopian society, until the day she begins work at Templeton, the training facility for newly created Chosen Ones. There, she meets James, a Chosen One whose odd love of music and reading rivals only her own. The attraction between the two is immediate in its intensity—and overwhelming in its danger.

But there is more to the goings-on at Templeton than Tess ever knew, and as the veil is lifted from her eyes, she uncovers a dark underground movement bent not on taking down the Chosen Ones, but the Council itself. Will Tess be able to stand up to those who would oppress her, even if it means giving up the only happiness in her life?
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When I first participated in the cover reveal of Chosen Ones and read the blurb for this upcoming YA Dystopian, I had a deep sense that I was going to like it--it was just a gut feeling, I guess you could say, and it held high expectations from that point on while I eagerly awaited to read.

It did not disappoint. Not only did it meet my high expectations that I had established from the blurb and excitement for wanting to read this story, but it went above and beyond them. I’m completely speechless as to how I’m going to go into this review to be honest without sounding like a giddy fan girl…Okay, so maybe I already do, it’s cool though, I should get that right after having read something so fantastic.

I haven’t exactly been secretive about my disappointments with a lot of my reads so far this year. At best, most have just been average--not quite memorable--with only one or two exceptions. Thanks so much to Tiffany Truitt and Chosen Ones for finally turning that around and giving me one that I can say I will remember for sure come the end of the year and it was such an amazing read that had me turning the pages so fast, my ereader didn’t have the need to recharge before I finished the book. This is what I deem “un-put-down-able.”

When is the sequel coming? Agh, I’m already craving it!

It’s not short on the details at all--allowing easy visuals, sometimes a bit gruesome--and an intriguing backstory to the world building. How the chosen ones came to be were an interesting piece of information to story and I really liked the author’s take on the ideas. What also particularly struck me was that while it does play around with the whole “forbidden romance” theme, it’s not cheesy in the slightest and executed in a nicely done manner. I like the romance that builds between them. I adore it. I found myself smiling like a goofball in a few places. The character growth in Tess is developed with grace and dignity--after starting out so cold-hearted and shy. By the end, I was near in tears at her devotion and courage.

Chosen Ones packs a powerhouse of emotions and eerie intrigue. It stole my heart.

Seriously, when is the sequel?!

5 stars!



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