Thursday, August 11, 2011

Discussion: Ebook Prices

There’s been some debate lately about ebook prices. New releases or popular authors have ebook prices around the same as a regular hardcopy. Is this really fair for readers? These are the publisher set prices of course, and not the authors’ fault.

Let’s take a moment to discuss this.

It doesn’t cost as much to produce an ebook, so why should the prices be as expensive? Personally, if I wanted to spend $10+ on a book, I will go out and buy the hardcopy. Am I being too harsh in saying this or not?

Perhaps publishers are worried that if the prices are too much lower than hardcopy prices- especially if half price or lower- then readers would drastically decline in buying hardcopy books? I wouldn’t think so to be honest. Many people, even those of us who enjoy ebooks, still love buying the hardcopy books to fill our bookshelves as well. Or maybe I’m the only one who likes to collect so many books that I like to get both. Haha.

I have an ereader. And I haven’t bought a single book due to the prices. Even the “older” books are priced a bit out of the range I feel that is unnecessary. Yes, I know there’s 99 cent books. But I never find any in the list that are of interest to me. I’d love to be able to purchase a brand-new just-released book one day without it being the same price it is as hardcopy. For now, my ereader is used for getting review copies (NetGalley, from publishers/authors, etc) and that’s the basic use of it. It makes me a bit depressed at times because I do want to actually purchase books on it as well. At this time, though, I just don’t see that happening.

Why are ebooks so expensive? It takes less the time and money to produce them. There’s no mass paper production, and author royalties stay the same either way.

How do you feel about the prices? Do they concern you? Or do you disagree and feel they’re justifiable?

Just some thoughts and opinions that I wanted to share today.



  1. You have a fabulous blog! I'm your newest follower. I’m an author and illustrator and I made some awards to give to fellow bloggers whose sites I enjoy. I want to award you with the Best Books Blog Award for all the hard work you do!

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  2. I think ebooks depending on the pages should be lower priced. I think it should depend on the topic and the need of the market too. Just my opinion. Great blog!!

  3. I would never pay hardcover prices for an ebook. Then again I have yet to purchase an ebook (I've been reading library ebooks and egalleys on my reader) and I'm not likely to. At this point in my life if I want a book enough to pay for it, I want a hard copy I can keep on my shelves and share with others.
    I do think that ebook prices for new releases should be markedly less than that hardcover price, but I don't know what goes on behind the scenes.

  4. I have only purchased one E book "The official Mark Twain Autobiography vol. 1," and I actually forgot how much I paid for it. I get most of my e books like I do my regular books from the library, but I do agree with you if you the cost is cheaper to produce then it should be passed on to the consumer. This being said, if people are paying the price, I doubt the prices will drop anytime soon.


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