Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cover Crazy (11)


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Cover Crazy is slightly late this week. Sorry! But without further ado-
 This week I am crazy about:

Title: Addicted
Author: Charlotte Featherstone
See it at Goodreads

Normally, I would say by now I’ve had enough with the covers that feature women in their fancy dresses, etc. Sure, some of them are quite nice and eye catching and I’m not dissing them all, of course. I’m just saying that after seeing a good amount, after awhile there’s nothing particular special about most of them anymore.

However, when I came across this cover, it was eye-catching. I instantly adored it. The dress reminds me of Victorian era and I tend to be drawn to that style often. I also find it beautiful in the styling with the black and white with the red smoke and garter ribbon along the side of the image. The font style is elegant and attention grabbing as well. It’s certainly something I would pick up from a shelf and look more into from just seeing the cover (which I’ve done and it’s definitely on my to-read list).

What’s your Cover Crazy?


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