Sunday, January 4, 2015

Announcing Big Changes For The New Year

The last year, The Bookaholic has seen its fair share of changes including picking up a co-blogger, a new look, and a bit of neglect (sadly). The blog has also grown quite a bit when it comes to followers and views--and I appreciate that--and I've met some wonderful people through my last four years of blogging. I also absolutely had a blast going to BEA 2014 in NYC for my first time and meeting so many people in person (and traveling to NYC for my very first time, also flying in a plane for my first time ever--which was AMAZEBALLS). But okay, I'm starting to get off topic and I tend to do that when I get super excited and I'm writing out this post as I go along straight from the page instead of writing it out first and posting later when it's actually ready like I normally do. Ha!

Back to the topic: Over the last several months, I've been under a lot of stress. I'm a writer, too. Some of you don't know that because I don't really advertise much. I'm only a small-time gal. And I'm not some fantastic piece of work, trust me. I just love what I do, and I'm trying to get better. The only way to get better? Write, right? I can't do a lot of that, and then blog and read as much as I want without some help. I had a book releasing, another in the works for NaNo, another I'm trying to get finished and polished for later this spring. The stress was eating me alive. I got into a lot of reading slumps. And blogging slumps. That's why The Bookaholic became neglected. It got to a point where I almost thought I was going to have to quit entirely... My passion of blogging and sharing my love of books had died. It became more of a chore than a love. That's a terrible thing, and I was afraid to admit it to anyone.

I didn't want to quit though. The thought only nagged me. I mean, all the hard work I'd done through the years? It broke my heart mostly to think I could just let it go like that. So, when Lyn of Great Imaginations made an offer, I began to consider some things. Then, well, more encouragement came (and maybe some begging... Lol...) and now I can make this announcement:

As of now, I'm going to be guest blogging at Great Imaginations! You can read more about it at this post.

What does it mean for The Bookaholic?

For now, The Bookaholic is still in operation. I will still be posting here, though maybe not as regularly as I'd intended for the year. I haven't yet decided if I'm going to somehow share the same reviews that I do share there when I post (or if I just share a link where you all can go read the reviews I post when I'm putting a guest review up). I'm not considered a co-blogger (yet) at Great Imaginations, but if/when I make the permanent move over to blog there, I'll be sure to definitely let you all know.

What does it mean for Taylor (my co-blogger)?

Taylor is still my co-blogger. I've had a discussion with her over this decision already as we do text when we can. Taylor also has a very busy schedule with two jobs so I understand that life gets in her way and she's not capable of keeping a steady schedule. She's welcome to post when she can and I'm sad that things didn't work as planned for us to blog together the way we wanted. We did come to agree that even if I leave the blog at any point, I don't mind her taking it over as a single individual to use for a place to share her reviews if she wants... otherwise, she can just rebuild her old blog again. Solely her decision.
For now, like I said above, as long as I'm still around, Taylor is still around also when she's available. 

Will The Bookaholic still do any challenges/features?

I'll participate in what I can. I hadn't really planned on hosting anything. If I get any ideas to host something, I might... depending on the timeframe. It may be something I run by the others first though to see if they want to feature first. :)

Are you excited?


I really am. I feel the passion for blogging and reading again. I'm just so happy!

Here's to an awesome year!!!

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