Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday (34)

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly event hosted at The Broke and the Bookish.
This week’s topic:
Top Ten 2014 Releases I'm Dying To Read

I’m highly anticipating quite a bit, but here’s my list with the top ones for the coming year so far. I’ve already managed to pick up a couple of them as e-ARCs and excited about that, but will still not get around to reading until after the start of the year with the schedule anyway. Ha.



1. Lady Thief -- A.C. Gaughen

2. Prisoner of Night and Fog -- Anne Blankman

3. Salvage -- Alexandra Duncan

4. Dreams of Gods & Monsters -- Laini Taylor (I think I’ll re-read the first two before this one releases since I’ve had to wait so long)

5. Red Rising -- Pierce Brown

6. The Unbound -- Victoria Schwab

7. The Winner’s Curse -- Marie Rutkoski

8. Dorothy Must Die -- Danielle Paige

9. Prince of Shadows -- Rachel Cain

10. We Were Liars -- E. Lockhart


What’s your top ten?


  1. I haven't read any of those books but they look really interesting! 2013 is coming to an end again, and I have to admit I'm really psyched for books coming out in 2014. December 2013 books - not so much!

  2. Oh, my gosh, I want to read EVERY BOOK on your list! Except for Prince of Shadows, because I've never heard of it, but ALL THE REST. 2014 is going to be an EPIC YEAR FOR BOOKS, I think!

    1. It really is. My 2014 reading schedule is already booked up I think. I want to read so much, plus do a bunch of re-reading. *blinks* Going to be a crazy year! :P And Prince of Shadows sounds really good. It's supposed to be the story of Benvolio (from Romeo and Juliet). :D I've been excited for it!

      Sorry just replying. I've had a bad couple of weeks. :/

  3. Dorothy Must Die looks really interesting. I have a friend who's a teen librarian and a nut for anything Oz related, and she's been excited about that one for months.

  4. Salvage is one of a few of these titles on my TBR list that I am really looking forward to!

  5. Great picks! Two of these made my own list, but I need to read the whole series for them - Archived and Daughter of Smoke and Bone series. I'm excited to get to all of them next year. My TTT

  6. What a great list! I bet everyone's dying to read Laini's new book - I know I am! I especially liked the cover for Unbound. It's so melancholy. I had a bit of a giggle at the title Lady Thief. A thief who steals ladies? ;)

    1. Baha-- didn't even think that about Lady Thief, but now I am. :P The last installment for Daughter of Smoke & Bone is one my most-anticipated. :) Thanks for the comment. Sorry for the late reply! :)

  7. Pixie, I may not be reading Gods & Monsters. I've just gone really lukewarm on that series since midway through book one. BUT I READ THE FIRST TWO BOOKS. It's so hard to abandon a series two books in. So far I've only managed to do that with Divergent.

    I'm mad excited for We Were Liars, though. Such a good list.

    Kate @ The Midnight Garden

    1. I still haven't gone out and picked up Allegiant yet. I went lukewarm halfway through reading Insurgent, though I loved Divergent, so I know what you're saying. Sometimes it's not for everyone. :) I'm sorry you don't feel the same though. :/ I really thought Days of Blood & Starlight was better than the first book by a small margin, maybe because it didn't focus so much on the romance and more on the world-building and characterization. But it almost lost me at first since it was slow in the beginning. Haha.

      Ah yes, I'm really excited for We Were Liars. I've heard some really great things already. :)

      Sorry for the late reply. <3

  8. Dreams of Gods and Monsters! YES YES YES!!

    1. DEFINITELY. Gods. I can't wait. I'm dyyyiiingg.

  9. It's a good thing I didn't make a top ten this week because I pretty much would copy yours! Well, mostly, but we have a lot of the same books in common.

    How freaking amazing does the Winner's Curse look? I wasn't a huge fan of The Shadow Society but I have faith that this one will be better. The hype is crazy!

    I have never read an E. Lockhart book. I plan to, but I never really prioritized. And then EVERYONE went nuts for We Were Liars. So clearly this author has shot up my TBR.

    Unbound looks fantastic. I have The Archived but I refuse to read it until this one comes out. I have a feeling the wait between would be killer.

    Salvage/Red Rising/Prisoner of Night and Fog --- YES TO ALL OF THESE. Especially Prisoner of Night and Fog. It sounds a little similar to Code Name Verity and that is one of my all time favorite books. Red Rising sounds like a creative dystopian, but I am a little wary.


    I can't even deal with Gods and Monsters. What will we do when there are no more Smoke and Bone novels?!

    1. I keep hearing such amazing things about The Winner's Curse. I can't wait to get my hands on it. Also the same with We Were Liars. I think I fall easy to hype--at least when it comes to books being hyped and recommended by bloggers I know/trust anyway. Baha. Both of these shot up on my TBR. :P

      You should definitely read The Archived! It's one of my faves. There's an unusual style to it--some like it, some don't, but the story itself is so coool! Glad The Unbound comes out very soon. :D

      I haven't read Code Name Verity (yet) but I think I would def like it. I hear good things. And Prisoner of Night and Fog sounds like it'll be fantastic. I was supposed to get an ARC of Red Rising that I won in a LibraryThing contest but it never came in the mail. *pout* So I'm just waiting until release now. Ugh. Salvage sounds so interesting.

      I've waited so long for Lady Thief!!! I finally have an e-ARC. YESSSS. Starting it this weekend. <3 I was super-excited when Gaughen announced it was going to be a series because after reading Scarlet, I was like NO, IT NEEDS MORE THAN JUST ONE BOOK. Bahaha..

      I don't even want to think about the ending of Smoke & Bone and how it'll be the end of Karou and Akiva and Mik and Zuz. :( *cries* One of my faves ever, but Gods & Monsters is perhaps the most anticpated book for me in 2014. I just wish it didn't have to end. I love the series so much. <3 It's going to destroy me. *blinks*

      Sorry for the late reply, btw. I'll be by to visit your blog soon. ^_^


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