Monday, November 4, 2013

Re-Telling Reads Week...Wait, scratch that.. Re-Telling Reads Month! --(Read) Edited 11/11/13--

I didn't fall off the face of the Earth, I promise! It's November and I'm participating in NaNoWriMo so things will be a bit slow (or slower I should say since they've already been slightly on the slow side the last month..eep) around the blog for the next few weeks. I wanted to drop a few lines to update you all with that information so you wouldn't think I'd just abandoned the place. :)

Not to worry either, just because I'm going to be a little slower getting around to reading/posting, I did have something planned out that I'd like to still do:

Re-Telling Reads Week! Re-Telling Reads Month!

Post edited November 11, 2013-- Please read for the new additions and updates to this post!

This is not a meme or a feature that any of you have to participate in, but you're welcome to if you want/have a couple of books on your shelf that are re-tellings from a classic/fairytale/mythology, etc.. and would like to just pick them up during the same time. I'm just doing this for fun for me mostly though and hope you enjoy the content I put up in the meantime. **I'm not going to be strictly focused on this topic throughout the next month, but a majority of my discussion topics and several reviews will be marked under this feature.**

The thing about re-tellings with me is that I'm a picky reader with them. So sometimes I might love one, and the next absolutely loathe. I seem to always be drawn to wanting to give them a try though, and this leads to having several on my shelf--even now. The idea just seemed to spark from there while I was looking them over today.

Re-Telling Reads Week Month will be kicking off this Friday and going through next weekend. The first book I'm going to review will also be a cross-over to another blog's new Friday feature: Forgotten Fridays over at Great Imaginations with Kara and Lyn where bloggers can take part in reading a weekly book that is 'older' (older by definition of more than a year I believe) for the purpose of clearing TBR piles, picking up books that interest us/finding hidden gems without worrying about the whole "newest release, gotta have it because that gets the comments" craze,  and having a read for ourselves to relieve that stress. Older books still need that attention also is what their feature is all about! :) (And they welcome participation if you like the idea--just make sure you link back!) 

So on November 15th, I will be sharing my first Re-Telling Reads Review, as well as cross-featuring with Forgotten Fridays with Kara and Lyn since it's an older book and I thought it'd be perfect to start taking part then. :)

**I had to make some post rearrangements obviously. Anyone who might remember the original post before I edited this knows I meant to make my review already along with a some discussions. My weekend completely escaped me, to be honest. I barely finished that one book by this past Friday (haven't finished writing review yet either) and haven't even started reading the other two books that are promised for this feature (For Darkness Shows The Stars and Cruel Beauty). They will be started this week though. The wonderful thing is the more I thought about it, the more I realized how much content I could create out of this feature. Thus, I changed it to last a month long with various posts in between any other posts I need to make. And while Novemeber is half over, for this year I will continue through most of December before I end it with a giveaway. Next year, I will make sure it is much more organized if I do it again now that I have my notes and things in order, and would have a set month/date. I definitely wouldn't do it during November again. Haha. :P

RRM Books To Be Featured Through Next Week Month:

Juliet Immortal by Stacey Jay
For Darkness Shows the Stars by Diana Peterfreund
Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge

Also to come during RRM--

Discussions. Upcoming releases. Digging in my archives to look at some past ones I'd read.
And be sure to look for a giveaway at the end!

Thanks everyone! Hope you enjoy!



  1. Oh this is fun! If I liked retellings, I would totally do this with you. But they just never tend to go well for me. I am trying Cruel Beauty though. Thank you for linking up to us! I appreciate it!

    1. No worries! Haha! I am so picky with them. And most of the time I end up not being a big fan of half the ones I read either. Blegh. I'm always drawn to them--particular ones, like Shakespeare, certain classics, and favorite fairytales--hoping they'll be done good, but it's rare for me to really love them. Have read many Romeo & Juliet re-tellings, but have only liked ONE in the last few years. And only one Hamlet re-telling has impressed me. (There was another one I'd recommend because it was good enough, a recent release..gets a lot of high praise and I do agree it had excellent writing but it just didn't work for me to say it was great.) Loved a 'monster mash-up' of Wuthering Heights with vampires called Wuthering Bites because Heathcliff as a vampire is just perfect imo.

      I would get into ones I disliked, but then I'd be here longer than I need to be. :) LOL.

      I am looking forward to Cruel Beauty. It sounds fantastic and I'm a fan of Beauty and the Beast...but I admit I'm a little nervous about how it's going to turn out. *keeping my fingers crossed* Always happy to link up! <3

  2. Thank you for participating in our feature! I hope to have the banner up tomorrow. I can't wait to see your reviews!

    1. I fell so behind because I lost all motivation this past week/weekend. haha. I am trying to get it back. :) But good news is at least I'll post my Forgotten Fridays review same day as both of you after all since I had to do some post rearranging. =D I just adooooree the idea, ladies. You would not believe the number of books on my shelf that need attention. Some I won in blog giveaways over two years ago that I still haven't managed the time to read. LOL. Hope this feature will help me get them done finally! <3

    2. I have the same hopes. Books that I HAD TO HAVE a year or so ago has lost a little luster, but this feature is getting me excited about old books! YAH!


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