Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Answers!

You may remember recently I made a post giving you all a chance to ask me questions. I gave it some time and then I was going to answer them. I'd meant to make this post a couple of days ago actually, but with all of the Goodreads drama this last week I really didn't feel like doing much of any blogging for a few days until I settled my nerves. I may or may not make a post on that whole debacle myself with my own thoughts, but not sure yet. If I do, then I do. If not, oh well. Either way, thanks for understanding and being patient for this post. :) Here are the answers to the questions asked from the post HERE (click for more information and links to the blogs that provided the inspiration for the idea!)

Red asked:

Have you ever had the pleasure of enjoying an audio-book? Would you try it or do you consider it "cheating" since you're technically not reading?

I actually have never tried an audio-book before. I have this pet peeve where I really can’t stand when people read out loud to me. Huge annoyance. Weird, I know. Anyways, this has caused a general fear of giving audio-books a chance when I’ve heard nothing but great things about them--especially for someone who is always on the go during the school year like myself. I do want to give them a try sometime. I just think I’ll have to start off with an audio of something I’d already read before so that it will likely be an easier (and less frightening, maybe) transition. No I don’t think it’s cheating at all! Whatever works to get a person interested in books is a bonus I say. Some people are understandably too busy to just sit down with a book, but can pop in a set of headphones or put in a disc while in the car and go, and I think that’s great!

Think of your top five books (a series counts as one). One of them has to be wiped from existence, including all memory of it in all its forms (movies, tv etc). Which one do you choose?

Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr (P.S. This better be one of those ‘wiped from existence so that you could re-experience it for the first time’ questions) O_o

You come in contact with an alien on a scavenger hunt around the cosmos (shut up, its my question. Just go along with it). On Earth s/he must find two pieces of literature. One near perfect in its storytelling, the other its polar opposite in quality. Both must be works of fiction and both must be published pieces. This alien is incredibly charming so you decide to help, besides, this would make an awesome blog entry later! What books do you give s/he & why?

Oookay. Interesting question. I’m going to assume by it that you mean one book I would highly recommend to this alien (because it’s so near perfect in my opinion), and the other is one I dislike/hate so much that I would tell the alien it’s not recommended but to read if they’re interested?

With that, the books I would give are Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor, being the highly recommended/near perfect story-telling work, and The Dark Heroine by Abigail Gibbs, being its polar opposite (and maybe a bottle of headache medicine to go with that one).

Marry, Boff, Kill - Count Chocula, Boo-Berry, FrankenBerry... because reasons.

Ha! Okay. Marry Count Chocula (it’s the Count…He’s the keeper), Boff Boo-Berry, and Kill FrankenBerry (I’m allergic to real strawberries, and most artificial strawberry products like that taste funky to me… unless it’s strawberry-flavored Tootsie Pops or something.).



Lyn from Great Imaginations asked:

Will you marry me?

Of course! You may have to share with a cat, a dog, some kids, husband…. But we will make it work. ;)

Since you are a woman of both worlds (a reader and an author), do you find book blogging harder or easier, or does it make a difference?

First and foremost, I’m a reader before author. I knew when I started the blog that I was going to publish, whether it was self-publishing or something a little more traditional--I just didn’t know at the beginning how serious I was going to be with the blogging and reviewing, or if I was going to even continue once I published. It was about halfway through my first year when I made that decision and knew I couldn’t stop reviewing once I released anything because why would I give up one passion to continue with my other when I could just do both?

After I published, I did find blogging a little harder at first. I was afraid of saying the wrong thing in my reviews and then getting attacked or “black-listed” or something, so I did take it really easy for a little while with them. Then one day, I don’t know why or what it was, I just woke up and decided I wasn’t going to do that anymore. I’d decided I’d always been a reader. I’d always happily wrote out my honest, complete thoughts without worry, and I shouldn’t let anything stop me. If someone wanted to point out flaws (even the same flaws I’d pointed out in others’), they were more than welcome. If someone wanted to put me on DNR lists because I critically reviewed, posted GIFs, etc., they were more than welcome. I no longer let any worrisome thoughts get to me--and the whole thing became a lot easier.

The only thing that makes it slightly on the hard side being an author in the book blogging community is that I don’t want anyone assuming I’m out to spam them with my work if I follow/talk with them. That’s the last thing I want actually. I rarely ever tweet, FB (except on my FB author page on occasion), talk about my books, but I get that sinking feeling when meeting new people sometimes because the info can be found in my profiles, I know.

So now--being an author and blogger--I would say I find book blogging about the same, if not easier, compared to when I started out.

What do you aspire to be in 5 years?

Good question! I aspire to hopefully have my very own agent that I can tweet little inside jokes with maybe… on the road to getting traditionally published… or to be a real-life superhero. Pipe dreams. Hope to NOT be the world’s youngest grandmother (my oldest is about to be 17 now, so in 5 years that is highly possible and that scares the shit out of me).

What is one of your most favorite memories?

Staying with my older brother half the summer during my high school years, playing on his PlayStation the majority of the days while I beat games like Tony Hawk and Spyro--and also going to my first concert with him when I was fifteen (Motley Crue).

Kara from Great Imaginations asked:

Tell us about your tattoos!

Okay! I have four tats so far. All of them have a bit of a theme to them I guess you could say since I have a thing for stars and night things. I have a half-sleeve of an elf girl in black and gray with stars around her and an Om symbol (Most know the Om stands for universal spirituality and meditation).

I have a heart shooting stars out of the top of it on my chest. It’s very girly with swirls and lots of bright color. Haha. Hurt like hell, too. This was a just-for-fun tat, I think. I don’t really remember any real meaning behind it other than sticking with that night theme and the colors that I loved.

I have a large lily on my left arm that has a night scene (moon, stars) within the flower petals. Also color. Lots of purple, black, some pink, and light greens and blues. This one was for my father because my favorite flowers are lilies, and when I was a little (and things were still somewhat normal around the age of 6 or so), him and I used to sit outside under the stars all the time--or we’d go camping, or chase fireflies. I’m a major night person, and I think it’s because of him.

And last, I have 3 large purple stars and a blue crescent moon with black swirlies on my left forearm. This one I got done to represent my 3 step-kids and husband, without actually getting any names done because I’m very strongly against getting names tattooed. But I know personally what it means to me.

Also--I drew them all myself. I would LOVE to get another tattoo real soon. I’ve got the itch. I have been wanting to get a Shakespeare quote with a feather quill pen for the longest.

What's your favorite holiday and why?

That’s actually hard to answer! =P

Halloween. I’ve always loved it. Something about the time of year. Costumes. Decorations. Some candy. Music. Scary movies. Plus, in Texas, it finally starts getting cold. Haha!

I also love Thanksgiving. Because… pie.

Thank you all for your questions! I might do another one of these someday. :)


  1. Enjoyed reading the questions AND the answers!

    And love your tattoos, I'm a fan of stars myself :)

  2. Halloween is my favorite holiday too! I would love for you to get that Shakespeare too. That sounds like it would be bad-ass. I want to get a musical composition someday!

  3. Halloween is awesome!

    I really hope you land it big some day! And thank you for your honest answer!


  4. It's so sad that you were even worried for a little bit about being "black-listed". I've read all of these crazy articles lately about how readers have rights and authors have rights and blah blah blah... can't we all just be nice?


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