Monday, September 16, 2013

Stacking the Shelves #14

Stacking the Shelves is about sharing the books you’re adding to your shelves for the week. Show off the books you’ve bought, won, borrowed, etc. While it’s usually hosted on Saturdays, it can be posted any day of the week that works. For my own personal time management, my STS posts will probably be on Sundays when I make them. STS is hosted by Tynga’s Reviews. Click to learn more and follow other awesome bloggers!

I realize I'm a little late on this post, but oh well. I needed to go ahead with it instead of waiting because I wanted to share all of the awesome goodies I've received in the last week! =D I guess you could say my shelves are groaning a bit at all the unread books starting to pile up, along with the small end table being sadly stacked upon, but OH WELL. Finding books all over the place is something I don't complain about at all (though I'd spaz easy over other messes). Haha.

The majority of this haul are birthday gifts (which had been earlier this month on the 7th) sent to me from some of my best blogging friends. <3

So many books... I don't know how I'll find the time to read these all! But I guarantee you they will be read. If not by the end of this year, during the start of next.

I won Shadows at LibraryThing and also won Across a Star-Swept Sea (sooo excited for this one, even though I still need to read For Darkness Shows the Stars--haha) from Goodreads.
Kara from Great Imaginations sent me Shine, The Age of Miracles, and Long Lankin! Eeep! Books that'd been on my top-wishlisted foreverrrr. Actually, Long Lankin and Age of Miracles had my attention because of her. They sound so good and I'm looking forward to starting one of them soon. ^_^

Christina from A Reader of Fictions sent The Innocent Mage, The Awakened Mage, and A Blight of Mages by Karen Miller. These were pleasant surprises because I had never heard of these books (so obviously they weren't on any wishlist), but they look like something I'd really enjoy. And at her trusted recommendation, too. I have to tell you, I hadn't been into a lot of epic fantasy (except for The Hobbit and few here and there through my life) up until the last couple of years. And in probably the last year, it seems that's ALL I want to read most of the time. Ha. Also. Christina is one of the reasons why I read what is now one of my favorite books ever (also epic fantasy): Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson. So yes. I'm definitely excited about this set.

Also, not pictured because I don't have it here yet is Angelfall by Susan Ee. I ordered this with a giftcard that Bekka of Pretty Deadly Reviews sent (and will be receiving the book in the mail tomorrow actually). I keep hearing great things about this book so I figured it was time I go ahead and get it. =P

So that's my haul!

Thank you to everyone. <3 I may or may not have hugged the books when I opened the packages.
I mean, hugging books.... that's not creepy, right?


  1. ANGELFALL!! I hope you love it!

    I am super jealous that Kara was able to get you something for your birthday! >:(

    1. I really look forward to reading it! Well, whenever that may be since I have soooo much on my reading pile at the moment. O_O Lol.

      Aww... I'm sorry. Kara told me I had to let her because I got her something for hers. :P Annnd if I remember correctly, you wouldn't let me get you anything. =D Hehehehe... <3 <3 It's really okay, hon. :)

  2. Gift cards for books!!! Are there any better words in the entire world?!


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