Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Announcement

In case you missed it the other day on Twitter (btw, if you don't follow me yet, you should. I'm always there! Haha!), I made a fairly big, exciting announcement to my followers.

Now I'm here to share it with you wonderful lovelies. ;)

*drum roll*

On June 1st, my novel will be published and on the market. It will be available for online order in both print and e-book format through Amazon and Barnes & Noble, as well as other retailers.

This is a self-published novel admittedly. I will be doing the marketing entirely myself, but as I've told many friends through the years: what truly matters to me is that I'm doing what I love and it's something I've wanted since childhood. I'm excited for this book's release and I hope you all will be too as June approaches!

So, what is this book? Of course I'm not going to leave you entirely in the dark! And funny I should mention "dark"...

Darkness Comes This Way

Darkness Comes This Way is a Paranormal/Urban Fantasy generally geared toward older YA and has an adult cross-over appeal. It is the first book to a high-action trilogy with some dark elements, focusing on vampires and fallen angels, war, betrayal, and light romance.
Rogues are disgusting, rabid vampires that Zarah has been trained to destroy. The ironic thing is, she used to be one.

Zarah Duncan stalks the streets nightly, hunting and destroying as many Rogues as she can. It’s a part of her job as a Guardian. But Zarah has a haunting past: memories of her time as Rogue once not too long ago herself, and it torments her. Until her, no one else has cured before. She’s been labeled a miracle. Yet, Zarah gets the awful feeling there’s more to it than just a magical come-back. Secrets are being kept from her. Maybe her boss, Nathanial, knows? Or maybe that new partner, Draven Kinsley, she’s been teamed up with does? Everything makes her head spin. To make matters worse, her Rogue brother has to show up. And he brings even more secrets and shocking announcements. What Zarah learns from him rocks her entire world upside down. She not only begins to question who and what she is anymore, but it can possibly change the Vampire race forever. Someone else knows too…and they’ll do anything to get her special blood--spelling disaster for the humans that Guardians have secretly been protecting for decades.


Look for Darkness Comes This Way (author: Pixie Lynn Whitfield) on June 1st!

Cover to be revealed by the start of May!

If you would like to talk about an early review copy, please leave a comment with your email address--or email me--and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. :) Thank you!

I look forward to the fun in the near future!



  1. Congrats on making the leap into self publishing! I hope to do the same someday. I'll keep my eyes out for Darkness Comes This Way :)

  2. Congrats this is so cool for you I have a ton of respect for writers, so my hats off. I love reading but when it comes to writing SCARY! This sounds like a great read, if you would like to put a review copy in my hand, I would be super happy! I have a book blog called my email is and I thank you ethier way for the consideration. If anything I will be buying this!
    Thanks Krista

  3. Wow!! Congrats on Self Publishing!! :) The premise sounds really great and I would love to talk about a possible review copy, and I have a few questions. Here is my email: and here is my website:

  4. I'm a bit behind in my blog reading, but I needed to pop over and share my congratulations even if they are at this point a bit belated. I wish you all success with this publishing endeavor.


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