Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Review: Freeblood

Secrets and lies have surrounded 21-year-old Quinn Zauber since a vampire killed her mother and brother a year ago. Jo-Jo Huang, her best friend and roommate, has offered steady support, even going along with Quinn's crazy ghost-hunting schemes. Now Jo-Jo has been kidnapped, and clues point to an audio recorder the roomies placed in Portland's notorious underground tunnels.

With her naïve cousin Kasey riding shotgun and an old attraction, paranormal investigator Del Whelan, imposing his own brand of help, Quinn searches for Jo-Jo, fights supernaturals, and strives to keep her horrible secrets under wraps.

What Quinn doesn't realize is that her witch bloodline makes her of special interest to one of the deadliest vampires around.

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This might be one of my unusual reviews a bit on the shorter side, but I don’t really have a whole lot to say about Freeblood.

I did have some conflicting moments--it is a heavy story with a lot going on at times. I felt like maybe there was a bit too much more than necessary in some areas, and it did cause me to have to put it down for a while to relax some because of this. Oftentimes, I felt somewhat detached from a majority of the characters, even Quinn. I didn’t see much development through the conflicts or at the end. Quinn was such a rollercoaster--and while I understand that because of many of the situations, I didn’t always find it entirely realistic. I did like Del and Kasey a lot though.

However, Freeblood is also an engaging and entertaining story with a unique take on the vampire genre. I freely admit that I love my vampires. Huge fan of the legends and literature that feature this creature and I always enjoy any interesting story that takes a creative turn when using them. That was certainly found here and there weren’t any dull moments. Great action and a edge-of-your-seat thrilling story. If you like vampires and looking for something unique and new, then this is definitely the one you want to pick up.

The ending leaves off with the subtle hint of a possible sequel. I’m not too sure, but it could be interesting to see what would happen next.

My many thanks to author Marny Copal for the review copy in exchange for my honest opinion.



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