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Blogger Hop (5) - Follow Friday (8)

Follow the blogger hop at Crazy-For-Books!

This week’s question isn’t a question at all! I thought I would do things a little differently this week and give all of you a chance to promote a giveaway (or two!) from the blogosphere.

The catch?



You have to find another blogger who is having a giveaway and promote their giveaway for them! If possible, promote a giveaway from a blogger doing the Hop (hey, you are visiting other blogs anyway, right?). Have fun with this one! It’s not an easy task this week!

I have a few I'd like to advertise actually and very gladly!

My friend Ange over at Moonlight Reader is hosting an awesome giveaway that is open until August 1st. It's in celebration of having 500 followers! How amazing! ^^

Just a YA Girl is hosting her 100 followers giveaway as well. Some good selections there, too. :)

Over at "Everyday Is An Adventure", you can enter to win "The Girl Who Was on Fire".
Just click HERE.

I'm sure there's more giveaways I could shamelessly promote, but my brain gets a little fuzzy late at night. :P


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Q. Let's step away from besties...What is the worst book that you've ever read and actually finished?

I really can't think of one at the moment. Usually if the book is really that bad, I don't finish it. I might get three-quarters of a ways through it, and only have about 50-75 pages, but then just put it down if it's that bad. I try to finish books I read... and try to find some kind of trait that I can like about it in some form- even if I don't like most of it.

As of recent times, about the only book I can think of that was really terrible for me, but I managed to get through more than half of it- was "Thirst" by Christopher Pike. But that was a book I had attempted last year.

Of course, I know there's fans out there, but remember we all have our different tastes. :)

Happy Friday!!



  1. Maybe it's just me and I have a super addiction to badly written YA fiction, but I love just about anything that Christopher Pike writes because those are the books of my childhood. I actually didn't mind Thirst so much, because I'm used to his style of writing or I was just avoiding the obvious. One of the two, lol.

    I hate knowing that I've started a book and I haven't finished it, so whether or not it's good or bad I'll just usually power on through it and try to find at least one or two things about it to like. But, there have been a couple of times when that just wasn't the case and the book itself couldn't be salvaged.

    I love your blog, it's cute and looks like it's totally filled with a lot of fun bookish things. I'm definitely a new follower. :)

    Suz @ A Soul Unsung
    My Follow Friday + Blog Hop!
    Tweet Me!

  2. Thanks for following, Suz, and for the comment. :)
    I really try to finish all of my books as well- and try to find at least something I like, too. :) I do find the occassional rare one that I just can't finish, though, unfortunately. Lucky for me, it doesn't happen too often. :D
    That's okay that you like Christopher Pike! LoL. Like I said, we all have our different tastes and I'm well aware that there's fans out there. I just wasn't a fan. :P

    Thanks again!

    <3 Pixie

  3. Thanks for visiting pussreboots! Adorable name there!

    I'll be visiting everyone who comments as well. ^^


  4. Hi & Happy Friday!

    My FF,

    Have a nice weekend..

  5. Thanks for hosting my giveaway! This question was really hard for me to answer too. I couldn't think of a book I didn't like. I guess it's selective memory. If it was that awful I just forget about it. LOL.

    Cute blog. I'm surprised I didn't stop by before. I'm following you back :)

    ♥ Trish
    Just a YA Girl

  6. Hi I came here trough the hop and I see you like owls too. ;)

    Never read anything of by Christopher Pike and I don't think I will be in the near future. I rather have a story with fearies in them. ;)

    Happy Friday!

  7. Hello! I'm a new follower from Parajunkee's blog hop. :)

    I'm the same with books I don't enjoy - I won't read them for very long if they annoy me. Would prefer to move on and read something enjoyable.

    Sophie ~

  8. I think the worst book I ever finished was Random Magic. Blah-ders!

    Thanks for the tip on where the give away is!

    Hop on by the Wastelands! While your there don't forget to collect the clues for the Forever Books/Swag giveaway. Also don't miss your chance to enter the Winter's Shadow Signed Book/Necklace GIVEAWAY!!

  9. Hi, new follower here! You have a very cute blog :)

    I also try to finish books, even if I don't like them... then I tend to rant and vent when I review them haha. To be fair, i also try to find SOME redeeming qualities about them as well!

    You can see my FF post for this week at the link below-- have a great weekend!

    Lea @ LC's Adventures in Libraryland

  10. Hi! New follower from follow friday! Come check out my blog when you get a chance :)

  11. I'm with you--I very rarely finish books that are truly "bad" (for me), so my only exceptions came from required school books!

    Also, you listed some great giveaways! How nice of you to promote those blogs!

    Happy Friday! New follower stopping by!

    Jessi @ Reading in the Corner

  12. I salute all the brave souls that soldier on to finish a bad book. I could never do that. I never have and I can’t imagine I ever will.

    This week’s Follow Friday question is an excellent companion to last week’s Book Blogger Hop question.

    Follow me back to my blog and read all about why I hardly ever start a bad book let alone finish one –

    Read both my Book Blogger Hop post last week and my Follow Friday post this week and you’ll get the bigger picture of how my mind works. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! [grin]

    Thank G-d It’s Follow Friday!

    Howard Sherman

  13. Cute blog. OLD FOLLOWER.

    Checking out blogs to help with their giveaway....AND I FOUND ONE...HOP ON OVER:

    I am having a giveaway, but it looks like you already found one to promote.

    Have a fun hop.

  14. New follower here! I haven't read that book, but I don't really like Christopher Pike in general. So, I guess I'll stay away! :)

    Reader's Refuge

  15. Hopping through. I haven't read a Christopher Pike book since middle school. I don't know if I'd still like him.
    My Hop

  16. My Book Blogger answer for this week.
    Our very own blog hop host.

  17. Hello! I'm visiting via the Book Blog Hop!

    Your blog is so cute!! And I love anyone who reads YA! I am a pretty big fan of YA myself.

    I had a hard time deciding which book I "hated" a whole lot but still finished it. I found an in between one. Haha.

    Make sure to visit my blog! I want to follow you, but the follow button won't show up. =-( I am following via twitter though!

    Hope to see you around!


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