Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Temptation Tuesday

In honor of Melissa Marr's and Richelle Mead's releases today, I figured that I would share an excerpt from each, the Wicked Lovely series (Melissa Marr), and The Dark Swan series (Richelle Mead).

Focus. Something was wrong. Focus. She bit her cheek,
hard. Then she said, "I gave you your dance, and you gave me your word. I know what I want from you..."
He ran his fingers through her hair. "What can I give you, Aislinn?
Shall I weave flowers in your hair?"
He opened his hand, letting go of her hair. An iris blossom sat in the
palm of his hand. "Shall I bring you necklaces of gold? Delicacies mortals can only dream of? I'll do all those things anyway. Don't waste your wish."
"No. I don't want any of that, Keenan." She stepped back, putting more
distance between them, trying to ignore the cry of gulls that she heard under the rhythm of waves.
"I just want you to leave me alone. That's all."
He sighed, and she wanted to weep at how sad she suddenly felt.
Faery tricks, it's all faery tricks.

Pg 220- Wicked Lovely, Melissa Marr


More than gentry lounged around, however. Spirits and sprites and trowes and wraithes were also in attendance, along with an assortment of Otherworld creatures. The monsters of human imagining, side by side with magical refugees who had immigrated to this world.
I wondered then if any other shaman had been this far into gentry society. I remembered Roland's warning, that I could be taken right into the heart of their world.
If only our kind had some sort of scholarly journal. The Journal of Shamanic Assassination and Otherworldly Encounters. I could have used this "research" to write a compelling article with my fellow professionals.

Pg 85-86- Storm Born, Richelle Mead (Adult series- it is erotica. haha)

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In other news, I'd like to know something about my readers.

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  1. I am liking Ink Exchange, though her work is something that needs time to read because it is so brilliantly written, I just want to be able to focus. I have heard about Richelle's new series, but not much. I am so far behind in reading at the moment. <3 Loving that you are back with the reviewing and tempters. Cannot wait to check out more of your blog.


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