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I was thinking of just tacking a short paragraph on to the "About Me" page, but ultimately, I opted for creating my own page - with Pixie's permission, of course.  As the original admin of The Bookaholic is keeping herself busy with schoolwork, housework, and co-blogging over at Great Imaginations, I'll be the primary blogger on her for a good while.

While I'm not exactly new to the world of book blogging, I'm far from experienced.  A few years ago, I started my very own blog, PaperFantasies.  Which I loved with every piece of me.  I loved the small community of amazing followers I had acquired, and I loved having an outlet for my bookish thoughts and opinions.  I began to see it as a safe haven.  An escape from the trials and tribulations of every day life.

So, why did I stop?  Well, the answer is both simple and complicated, but the short of it is this.  I started PaperFantasies during a period of unemployment.  It gave me a sense of purpose that I clung to.  When I finally did start working again - nowhere fancy, just your typical customer service job - I lost a huge chunk of my free time.  I did still try to keep up with it, but when I lost the laptop I was using, I just...stopped posting.  It was never intentional.  I never told myself that I was done blogging, but after weeks turned into months which turned into years, I had to face the realization that the blog I had loved so, the safe space I had created, was dead.  That I had allowed it to die.  Even now, I've never quite forgiven myself for that.  So when Pixie gave me the opportunity to watch over her beloved blog, to be an admin at what probably started my love for book blogging, I jumped at the chance.

Though I am an unabashed bookworm and fangirl, I don't have many likeminded people around me in my day-to-day life.  That's what drew me to blogging, because here, I have an endless supply of seriously cool fellow word nerds.  I don't even know most of you, but I already know we'd make fast friends.  You don't find that very many places.

I don't have any exact plans for The Bookaholic, just to post reviews and opinion pieces, maybe some fun memes.  I'm a fan of all things fiction, from YA to epic fantasy to contemporary, even to the occasional thriller.  While I wouldn't call myself a "book snob", I definitely do have high standards for favorites, so if you see a book with 4 or 5 stars from me, you can rest assured that I did not give that rating out lightly.  I strive to be a reliable reviewer.  I'm never malicious, ever, but I also refuse to sugar-coat my ratings.  A bad book is a bad book.  It doesn't have to be this big, personal thing.

As for me personally, I'm very easy to talk to.  I love a good conversation.  I like friendly debates just as much as constant mutual gushing.  I'm addicted to laughter.  And coffee.  And pictures of kittens.  Politically, I veer very strongly to the left - which is another reason for my desperation to immerse myself in the book world once again.  2016 has been one hellish year for progressives, and I need an escape from reality now more than ever.  Though I identify as liberal, I can still take a good joke and laugh at myself.  My motto is, As long as you're not an asshole, you're okay with me. The one and only thing I will not tolerate is hate.

Now that I've more properly introduced myself, I do hope you'll take a look around and drop me a comment or two!  And to my fellow bloggers, links are always appreciated.  That's how I find my new favorite book blogs. 😁

For social media purposes, in addition to at The Bookaholic, you can find me here on Twitter or here on GoodReads.

Oh yeah....
Kitty says hi!!!  Don't worry, she is decidedly happier than she looks in pictures. :p

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